1 minute Video testimonial from Bash-san and Brooklyn-san

Testimonials from past and current students.
Q1. What did you like about taking my lesson?
The teacher is very friendly and sweet. There is a wide range of learning resources used, such as videos, textbooks, which aid with all components (reading, speaking, writing and listening). The one-one-one lesson style is beneficial as I feel more comfortable in that environment.

Q2. What impact has it had on your Japanese?
A magnificent impact. I am able to read hiragana and katakana fluently.
I am also able to understand some Japanese speech and songs which has made me enjoy it even more. I’ve also learnt a lot about Japanese culture and traditions which will prepare me for when I go on exchange.

Although I still have a long way to go in terms of ability, I am 100% enjoying this learning journey.  – Kylie (high school student) – 2018. March


Q1. What did you like about taking my lesson?
There are many things that I liked, one of the main ones was the environment and friendliness of my tutor. When I did not understand or couldn’t not remember vocabulary or phrases, she was very encouraging.

Q2. What impact has it had on your Japanese?
It has definitely improved my Japanese quite a lot over the short time that I have tutoring classes before my first exam for IB. It has also improved my confidence while doing past papers and my use of the languages as a whole.

Q3. What did you like about online proof reading services? 
The service was very very quick, I was very happy with how soon I got my paper back all proofread. I also liked how easy it was to send you my document then receive it, it was very good at how simple and easy it was – no hassle!
– Bianca (high school student) – 2017. November


Q1. What did you like about my lesson?
Very helpful. Found it much easier having someone who could help me with the problems I was having when I could talk face to face with them.

Q2. What impact has it had on your Japanese?
It has help improve my grades and made me feel much more confident when I was in class.

Q3. What did you like about my writing support for your school assignment?
Found it very helpful as it made me understand what I was writing. Made it easier for me to be able to have other ideas from Ayana.  – Brooklyn (Level 1 NCEA Japanese) – 2017. November

【Her parent’s message】2018. Jun
Dear Ayana,

We just wanted to let you know that with your wonderful tutoring Brooklyn received a Merit Endorsement for her Japanese NCEA exam, a great achievement as she was seriously struggling with Japanese before she had your assistance.

Thank you so much for all your help, and we will highly recommend you as a tutor to anyone who needs assistance with their Japanese!

With Kind Regards



Q1. What did you like about my Japanese lesson?
It was always easy to ask questions and you were always willing to answer them. It was always easy to contact you if I ever had something to ask, also you are a friendly teacher. 

Q2. What impact has it had on your Japanese?
I’ve improved a lot both grammatically and in vocabulary. I also learn a lot of cultural points in my lessons too. I’ve also become more confident in speaking.

Q3. What did you like about my writing support service for your school assignment? 
You would help me write, not write for me. The language used was always language that  I could understand, so I learn a lot from the writing support too.   -Cindy-


Q1. What did you like about taking my lesson?
Working on pronunciation asking specific questions relating to my trip.

Q2. What impact has it had on your Japanese?
more confidence speaking Japanese
– Brendan Kyle – 2018. Feb


Q1. What did you like about taking my lesson?
It was very structured and the worksheets you made were helpful.

Q2. What impact has it had on your Japanese?
I have learnt quicker and remembered more.
– V.C (12 year old) – 2017. September


What did you like about taking my Skype lesson?
Skype feedback:
Shared screen is convenient, but stability of wifi can cause some troubles like hearing difficulties etc.
Overall online lesson is not as good as normal lessons but share screen on internet is a good way of learning because I can see my mistakes and errors very clearly, saves time when you correct it and type the right answer.
– I.J (High School Student who are doing IB ) –  2017 October


Q1. What did you like about taking my lesson?
あやな先生のレッスンは、レッスンの内容が私の条件を満たすことが好きでした。例えば、私の漢字の知識が下がったら、会話や文法や聴解の能力とバランスがとれるまで、漢字が中心になりました。色々な課題とマスメデイアから、教科書や新聞記事やユーチューブを使ったレッスンも好きでした。(I liked the way the lesson contents evolved over time to respond to my areas that needed improvement. That way when for example my Kanji knowledge was behind, we focused on Kanji until it was in balance with the rest of my language learning. I also liked the way we covered a wide range of topics and a wide range of media, from textbooks to news articles to YouTube videos.)
Q2. What impact has it had on your Japanese?
あやな先生のレッスンを受けて、私の日本語の能力はかなり上がったと思います。特に、私の日本語会話でもっと自信があります。間違えるたびに、文法などの説明から日本語を深く分かりました。それで、変な癖がでる前に、自然と話し方をやり直すことができました。(I think it has a considerable impact on my Japanese and improving it all areas. I think this has improved my confidence in speaking particularly. I have understood Japanese better through receiving explanations when I made a mistake. That way I fixed mistakes before they become habits.) – S.T – 2017 June


Q1. What did you like about taking my lesson?

I very much enjoyed your teachings. I appreciated that you were able to slow down or speed up depending on my progress. I also liked the fact that you would put in effort to clarify any questions that I had. Overall, very enjoyable. 楽しかった!

Q2. What impact has it had on your Japanese?

My Japanese has progressed to where I now have a fundamental understanding of how 日本語 is structured in terms of sentences and past and present tense verbs. I can now understand simple sentences in TV shows and reading. Again, very enjoyable because of the fact that I can see my progress through my hobbies. -Edward- 2017 May


Q1. What did you like about taking my lesson?
You were very pleasant to work with. The lessons were well structured and well thought out. It was nice having homework.
Q2. What impact has it had on your Japanese?I had a wonderful time in Japan.  It was great being able to communicate a little in Japanese.  I found that I didn’t get an opportunity to do this though with academics who spoke quite good English.  But it really helped with travelling around and I did do a little bit of the introduction.  I think my talk went quite well. -University Professor- 2017 June


“I had 6-7 lessons with Ayana in advance of a holiday I had planned to Japan. I had never been to Japan before and had no previous experience with the language. My aim was to learn some basic conversational Japanese to make my trip more enjoyable, and Ayana tailored her lessons to suit my requirements perfectly. I found Ayana to be a great teacher and the Japanese that I learnt contributed to a thoroughly enjoyable time in Japan.” -Shane (Development Manager, Arcus Property Limited)- Feburary 2017


“I am very happy with Ayana sensei’s teaching approach. It is invaluable to have a teacher who can explain the concepts of the language in English and provide feedback on specific questions. Overall I believe I have made much more progress taking tutoring than from group classes.”-Sean (Top University Student)-


“Ayana is an excellent teacher, she is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, and she really takes the time to make sure you understand the grammar. I like that she does not teach from a standardised curriculum but rather caters her lessons towards the individual needs/ requests of her students. Since she is a native speaker I feel that she is able to teach the language from a more practical perspective. I look forward to continuing lessons with her and improving my Japanese.” -Martin (Developer)-


“We first contacted Ayana for Japanese tutoring for our 15 year old son, in the spring of 2014. He was doing the Cambridge International Japanese IGCSE at one of the top schools in Auckland but was struggling and only achieved a grade of 58% in his Term 1 Japanese exam….Read more” -From the happy parents


“As a working professional who is studying Japanese for a hobby, Aya has been extremely accommodating to my study needs. Our sessions are geared toward my personal interests which involves learning both casual, spoken Japanese, as well as polite, structured Japanese. The learning materials we use are also tailored to my everyday interaction with Japanese people. For example, my email correspondence are sometimes used as teaching material to improve my reading and writing skills. One of the strongest reason for my recommendation is Aya’s command of English which has been exceptionally helpful when explaining nuances or teasing out idiosyncrasies between English and Japanese. I couldn’t be happier with Aya’s service. ” -Billy Wu (Clinical Data Manager, Master of Public Health)-