Japanese Small Group Lesson 

Japanese Group Lesson will start in October 2017 !!

Level : Beginners

Location : Mt. Eden

Fee : $200 per student for 10 weeks

Fee includes studying materials such as photo copy or homework etc.. You can email me if you have any questions regarding Japanese anytime between lessons as part of ongoing support.


Every Wed : 16:00-17:00

Maximum size of students are four.


  • Basic usages of nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • Basic conversation for essential everyday situations
  • Reading and writing Hiragana and Katakana
  • Learn 10 Kanjis

10 Week Japanese Class Plan for beginners

Week 1 – Basic Verbs, Introduce yourself

Week 2 – Basic adjectives. Express your feeling.

Week 3 – Tense (Future, Present / Past )

Week 4 – Basic Particles,  Learn 10 Kanji

Week 5 – Verb negative

Week 6 – Counting numbers, counting system

Week 7 – Asking questions

Week 8 – Demonstrative (There is … , There are…, This is..)

Week 9 – Talking about your family and your friends

Week 10 – Express your desire

If you are organisation, and would like me to come to you, I will give you a quote.

Please book class contact me.